• // YBN FAQ

    Answers to questions you didn't know who to ask!

    How old do I need to be?

    YBN is open to anyone between 18 - 35

    How do I join?

    It will take less than five mins to become a member of YBN. Subscription is via the main British Naturism website.

    What does it cost?

    In your first year the cost is only £10 - this then increases to £40 per year or remains at £10 if you are a student in full time education.

  • // This is me

    Nobody wants to see me naked!

    Actually, no one is looking at your body; in fact, newbies tend to avoid looking as if their lives depend on it!


    This is about YOU as a person, which is not defined by what you look like, because that’s the point! Naturism is one of the best ways to become more confident! Equally, you should never be ashamed to let people know how confident you are about yourself! What we do is safe, legal, and healthy; there is no need to “admit” to naturism!


    Naturism instills the true values of body acceptance and shows us that nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of and is in the truest sense natural.

  • // Body

    Body conscious?

    Being nude with others is not embarrassing. First-timers often remark how quickly they feel comfortable wearing nothing and seeing others unclothed – in fact, it’s easy to forget that everyone is naked…and just because they are, doesn’t make for a sexually-charged atmosphere either.

    I’ve never tried Naturism before!

    That’s not a problem. We understand that your visit to an event could be your first Naturist experience. There is no pressure to undress so it’s a great way to try. Many people have been apprehensive undressing on their first time, but once they’ve done it wonder what the big problem was in the first place!

  • // Embarrassing Q's

    (that really aren't embarrassing at all!)

    What about my period?

    You are not alone and there are several ways to make your Naturist experience more comfortable.

    Ultimately it is down to personal preference, some ladies preferring to wear bottoms others just using products.

    Either way it’s about your personal comfort. You won’t be judged.


    The most frequently asked question posed by men!

    Honestly, it very rarely happens, a naturist environment is not one that is sexually charged.

    If nature does take its course then take a break, sit down and relax - ultimately be discreet.


    Yeah we just said it!

    If you think you are coming to some weird seedy place then think again – wholesome family fun and a zero-tolerance rule for any funny business.