Welcome to YBN!


    We run safe, fun naturist events in the UK for anyone aged 18-30.

    We're the official UK BN/INF youth group and create positive and friendly events for young people to try out and explore naturism together.

    YBN allows you the opportunity to enjoy freedom from your clothes and the joy it brings while being around other people your own age, in almost any way you like! Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life; some grew up with Naturist parents and for others, YBN is their first Naturist experience.

    We have hundreds of young members in the UK, and we arrange great events both here and in Europe. Not a lot Naked happens in this country that we don’t know about or get involved in! Above all else, we promote a safe, friendly and welcoming environment while having fun, meeting new people and exploring naturist venues and events all over the country and abroad.

    You join us by becoming a member of British Naturism and if you're under 30 you’ll then become part of YBN automatically!

    You’ll receive details of our private forum and events and be welcomed into our events, whether a seasoned naturist or a first timer. Come join us!

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